Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Salam Ramadhan

Assalamualaikum wrt wbt

Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Sudah lama saya tidak menulis di ruangan ini. Banyak cerita suka duka berlaku dalam tempoh ini.Saya akan cuba bermula pada hari ini dengan mencampur BM dan BI di dalam ruangan ini (bukan sengaja tidak mahu guna BM sepenuhnya tapi untuk melatih kembali diri saya dgn dunia penulisan BI)

The last post I sent was saying that I’m jobless. By the way, after of heartbreaking period, I got a job. Sending an email to my present boss was a good idea. I never in my mind going to get a job as my email was just asking if anywhere in USM there are job for me. And he reply saying asking me to see him…so, to cut it short, I started working at my new place after hari raya last year (2007). Many things, adventure .. I learned over there. My great moments over there were with my friends..they support through out me every there..never piss me off…but always help me..thank you guys!

The best moments were not over yet as I middle of july I received a news that my boss was being transferred back to his school (not SEKOLAH..tapi pusat pengajian for USM)
So..what will happened to me …my boss call me and the AR saying his leaving and he will bring me along.. I took a shock over that with getting sickness..again in August..before Ramadhan I move to a new (not new ler..cause I have been helping this school before..and my office as I’m using it before)..like a boring place..but still I can get use to it..my first job here to try to help them making a better invironment and become excellent.

So, to you all guys there have an nice Ramadhan (ku harapkan Ramadhan kali ini penuh makna…) wassalam….

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